Writing Online is the New Quantum Leap

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Information Quality Hierarchy

Writing online allows you to kill multiple birds with one stone. Everybody wants to leverage the internet, but nobody wants to do the grit work. Its like training for a marathon - it is not for those who want a magic-pill or competitive edge over others, but it does provide the most cost-effective long term solution. Before I share the benefits, it will be helpful to understand the information quality hierarchy:

  • Life
  • Books / Products
  • Online Courses
  • Articles
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook / Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Adult Content

The information quality hierarchy helps you to discern where to spend your time and energy. Once you understand that the internet works as an attention funnel, you can reverse engineer your behaviors to escape the content reactivity loop and position yourself at the top. Wise people see that choosing what to ignore is more important than choosing what to pay attention to. Abundance is bad for unconscious people but good for conscious people. I have also discussed this phenomenon in my article about Digital Enlightenment.

Build your Lifestyle note-taking system

Firstly, writing online integrates proactive note-taking and research into your lifestyle. For example, you can start writing while you read and start thinking of consumption as a process of production. Notion has helped me developing an information capture system and allowed me to employ a taking strategy called progressive summarization. For example, after taking your initial notes, you can further compress the knowledge into less and less information (2-10 sentences) while maintaining the context. Additionally, building a lifestyle note-taking system helps you to build a library of inspiring, useful, personal, and easily lost ideas that you can search for in the rest of your life. Note taking is a superpower because you can travel back in time and capture your emotional state. Your lifestyle note-taking system helps you to spend less time sitting at the computer because you only need to write after you have found and assembled your ideas with people or life.

Become Conscious of your Information Diet

Just as you will improve food diet when you start cooking, you will improve your information diet if you start writing. Jack Sweeney’s First article beautifully articulates a key aspect of this puzzle in his discussion of the term, “Time Preference.” In summary, human biology will naturally gravitate towards short-term gratification, which causes a collective failure to produce time-transcending masterpiece works of art. This phenomenon applies to the medium hierarchy because creating in each medium demands a different amount of time and energy relative to the rate of feedback and gratification. The social media algorithms abuse this and a huge percentage of the internet has become garbage. In fact, it has even mixed our understanding of self  with content, thereby damaging the ego-development of our culture.

To find quality information you have to rebel against the incentives of mass media and algorithms. If you only read what everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. It is easy to become short-sighted in the lower-tier mediums because they are extra stimulating and deceptive as a result. For example: you can create content on tik-tok instantaneously, but it has almost no long-term prospects and content becomes outdated quickly. On the other hand writing a book takes tremendous time and energy, but over the course of years it will reap the most rewards. Higher quality information mediums also afford audiences of people who care and matter to your work. Once you take a step back from all the clutter you can see how this phenomenon functions as a predictable science, and shift your online attention to higher-quality sources and focus on timeless ideas. Favor ideas with long shelf life that took a long time to create (books).

Writing Online is the best Medium

Writing online serves as an intermediary medium for people to bridge the gap between timeless wisdom and modern culture. David Perell’s “Write of Passage” discusses this subtle pattern. In fact, he emphasizes that we should pay more attention to the subtle aspects of life always! Each medium tends to represent a different quality of knowledge. From my experience I’ve realized that the quality and source of the knowledge is more important than the knowledge itself! It seems best to start writing online once you have found your niche because the medium of writing online is suited to serve a specific person at a specific stage in life. This is probably why David Perell coined the term “Write of Passage” because the medium of writing online particularly serves an audience of young adults ready to refine their thought process and position in life. He guides people to find this place by having conversations with your past and future self to develop their ideas over time, eventually becoming the only person in the world who does what you do. Find the intersection between your genuine curiosities and how you think the future will be different. Look for complimentary, unusual, experiential and specific skills to become the go-to person in an obscure area of interest. Leveraging your most unique experiences and building knowledge that’s simultaneously hard to replicate and easy to demonstrate. By applying this niche in your writing, you will create your “personal compounding advantage” which will lead to more opportunities in the long run.

Make the Quantum Leap (Wisdom)

Success leaves clues. The information quality hierarchy is simply wisdom. One may wonder: How are the leaders at the top? When should I start writing? Start now. Skip the garbage mediums of low-tier media. The quicker you can ascend to high-quality wisdom is the quicker you can lead others. Some people call this the “making the quantum leap” because one can skip the garbage of modern culture by putting their faith in wisdom that transcends time. Additionally, as the science of quantum mechanics aligns precisely with internal wisdom of ancient sages, it becomes easier to realize the path of wisdom. Life is like a nightclub, and you need to sneak into the third door somehow. As you ascend the ladder of information quality, learn from people who are just above your current level! When you make the quantum leap to walk the path of wisdom, life starts working in your favor. So start writing!

The Content Redistribution Strategy

Nobody has new ideas. Therefore your job is to master making them felt, thus thru art. The internet is a digital jungle of content Redistribution. The internet makes you more of who you are. If you have the discipline to seek long-term success, the internet will reward you. You can use the wisdom in this article to strategically design your behavior online, thereby properly investing your time and energy. Consume information from high quality sources, and distribute your art down the ladder ladder of mediums. Get feedback on the lower-tier mediums before starting large projects on the higher-tier mediums. Critically examine your sources with reviews, summaries, and more before engaging with them. Additionally, distribution is arguably more important that creation for your success online. Therefore lean into the fear and choose the best long-term distribution platforms. Finally, have your audience cross the bridge from public platforms to private ones where you can build relationships and transfer value.

Here are wisdom tips for writing online:
  • Write on social platforms where readers already exist
  • Learn from performance and Feedback. Double Down and exploit what is working
  • To drive traffic focus on building volume to maximize opportunities
  • Clear is better than clever
  • Make it Skimmable
  • Practice in Public
  • Put the Reader First
  • Start with the end-goal in mind: engagement or reach?
  • Be specific
  • Build a timeless library
  • repeat your core narratives
  • Great writing = Novelty/Length
  • Answer Reader’s questions by telling them a story
  • Spend more time writing than Reading

Writing Online is like Playing Minecraft

In the video game minecraft you have to collect and assemble your resources to survive. After mastering the basics of survival you can focus on developing your strategy. As you collect more building blocks you can choose what to build. As you develop a stronger base you can optimize your processes and routines. Once your character is equipped with experience points, it becomes easier to find and create rare items. If you decide to use mods or cheats then you risk loosing the meaning of your entire journey. What matters more than the abundant resources is your ability to execute consistently and keep building upon your work. Ultimately you get to choose your playstyle, so the best playstyle is the one that you enjoy. Please don't grief my base xD

Thanks to David Perell and Jack Sweeney for making this article possible.

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