Timeless Tools for Internet Business

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Digital marketing tools have now become more of a distraction than a resource for entrepreneurs. Mental Clarity and discernment have become the valuable resource. Here is my approach to understanding and deciphering the current digital landscape without drowning in it

Focus on the outcome

You buy a hammer for nails you can drill with it, not for the aesthetics of the hammer. I have spent too much time searching for the right tools. I wish I knew earlier how quickly you will reach the point of diminishing returns spending time looking though tools. The best tools are not necessarily the flashiest.  Do not confuse the appearance of the tool for its function. The best tools are the ones that can reliably serve your unique play-style for a long period of time.

With the disproportionate power of landing pages online, digital marketers can easily build cheap gimmicks for urgent problems and desires. There seems to be a current surge in the Saas (Software as a Service) industry with this new “leverage movement.” However, these sprinters have built their success on a very weak foundation of competition. When you need to hammer some nails, which tool would you use?

Effective Tool
Flashy Tool

Create your Class

I also like to think of this like creating your class the the call-of-duty video game. Once you have designed you class, it’s time to start playing. The difference is that business is a much more vague game that has existed for 20,000 years. Once you develop your play-style you will know which tools to use and vise versa. You only need enough skill to be above the majority consistently. But you have to play the game to get skill. For example, a new Call of Duty game will come out every year, as will new digital business tools. If you develop your skills instead of gimmicks you will have long-term success. Those who have the greatest faith and courage to align their lives and businesses with wisdom and a potentially infinite future will reap the long-term rewards.

  • Wisdom
  • life
  • organization
  • business
  • product
  • Blog
  • website
  • landing page
  • Social Media
Call-of-Duty Create A Class Menu

Riding the Wave

The trick is to spend just enough time to stay up to date with the market, but without trying to outrun it. Once you generate enough momentum to move with the wave, sustaining it becomes much easier. As a soft rule I would advise folks to stop their search for the best tools after their first year in internet business. Because once you are up to speed with the wave you will only waste energy trying to beat it.

How to demystify Internet Business

Internet business is a mess. The quantity of marketing tools multiplied by 50x in 10 years to 8000 tools in 2020. The solution is to create a system for organizing all the categories of internet business. I use the platform Notion. Create sections inside each category and expand your research over time. My current categories are people, business development, marketing, paid ads, SEO and website, Admin, Team and Communication. The tools will change over time, but your system will remain! Creating your business systems is the equivalent to “creating your class” in call-of-duty.

8000+ Digital Marketing tools in 2020

The Big 4 Tools I used to build Self Innovation

  • Webflow - website builder
  • typeform - form builder
  • Zapier/Automate.io - API Integration
  • Convertkit - Email marketing

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