NoFap/SemenRetention Healing Transformation – Addiction to Buddhism

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Freshman Year of University was the first year I decided to start NoFap. I am now finishing my senior year with over 99% clean track record. The spiritual transformation has been so radical that it is hard to recognize my former self. I am now in a place where I no longer think about SemenRetention and have relinquished my attachment to the SemenRetention “game.” I believe this is the healthy destination of Semen Retention.

Semen Retention is just the start of a greater journey in Spiritual Healing. My life is not based on pleasure anymore it is based on meaning.  I have now become keenly aware  of trauma that had been suppressed from p0rn addiction. Through coaching, therapy, and lots of meditation (even OSHO Dynamic Meditation) I have been able to move and transmute the patterns of addiction that became stuck in the body and family system.

When I first started SemenRetention I had an emotional “glow up.” Everything was bright and beautiful. After I broke up with the girl I first fell in love (I was addicted to her), I had to face the entirety of my spiritual and mental problems and take responsibility for them. I realized that although I stopped one form of addiction, I was actually addicted to this girl and weightlifting too. My addictive personality decided to take a different form. I caution all NoFappers to be keenly aware that addiction tends to resurface in subtle forms. This is because we don’t become addicted to external things… we actually become addicted to avoiding internal trauma in whatever way is most accessible.

After “graduating” from SemenRetention I am now focusing on healing these traumas that are stuck in our bodies, families, and ancestors. My mind is re-wiring itself so drastically that it has taken a toll on my nervous system. I am finding that I need to take more breaks now just to allow my nervous system to process and digest reactions from the external environment that trigger sensitive internal wounds. I’ve had to let go of my bodybuilding and relationship addiction in order for my being to heal. I am now learning to face with courage and let go of my unhealthy attachments that I used to believe were beneficial.

One of my University professors and still a powerful teacher showed me a powerful book call “the seat of the soul.” One essential teaching was that all forms of addiction stem from a struggle of internal power. Ultimately, we become authentically powerful by choosing love instead of fear. Addiction is really just an advanced form of fear. One of my favorite TED talks says that: “the opposite of addiction is connection.”

Looking back on my initial addiction I can see that the real problem was family trauma that I was choosing to unconsciously suppress. The path of healing is the path of light and consciousness. As we make conscious and healthy choices and face our fears we take back our power to shape our minds with love and responsibility. SemenRetention is a spiritual transformation because it teaches you that all your problems are internal.

As I’ve become more spiritually engaged and aware I was fortunate enough to find a Local Kadampa Buddhism Mediation center. I am now diving deep into the internal human problems that we all share and practicing the Buddhist wisdom that catalyzes healing. Spiritual Communities are an effective path towards healing because they give us the opportunity to redefine how we relate to others. When we use our relationships as a path towards wisdom and healing we purify our external world as a result.

The destruction of our society by technology, p0rn, and social media is honestly disgusting, and your body will soon realize this if it hasn’t already. SemenRetention is a collective movement in consciousness that is helping to heal our society.  When the time is right, I encourage everyone to shift their attention away from the “SemenRetention game” to cultivating a spiritual path based on ancient wisdom. Where you focus your attention is where you will go. In my experience NoFap still implies p0rn addiction. SemenRetention is amazing and positive, but ultimately try to shift your attention and identity to a place of higher consciousness outside of the technology matrix altogether. True healing is when you forget about SemenRetention altogether.

Much Love everyone and good luck on your Journey!

May everyone continue to have the power to face the truth of ourselves and society with Love and Courage!

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