1000 Hours on Notion: What I learned from building Self Innovation OS

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Platform of the Future

A $10 Billion evaluation by Forbes is not something to scoff at. Notion is an all-in-one digital solution to work and personal life management. It boldly employs a Jack-of-All trades approach to building the best productivity tool and is skillfully creeping its way to the top of the SaaS hierarchy. It’s becoming the Apple of Software, because it generates a whole new way of thinking about software. Because Notion’s UI is structured like Lego Building blocks, it offers vast freedom and innovative capabilities for users to design any system they choose. However, this power also demands great responsibility for each user to define their personal intentions and build the systems that will help them achieve their goals. Because of this, notion has a steep learning curve, and what you put in is what you get out. Once I realized that learning Notion was the best investment for my digital lifestyle, I decided to go all-in.

The Evolution of Humanity

A New Lifestyle Decision

Learning Notion has given more value to my life than an entire year at private university. It forced me to realize the flaws in my digital lifestyle and consciously evolve. As I began to adopt a systems perspective to life, it became obvious how much order my life lacked. The more I began to use Notion, the more I began to identify aspects of my life that lacked responsibility. In a sense it helped me graduate from the cycle of consuming content online and empowered me to take responsibility for building the life I choose. Therefore, Notion is much more than a tool. Notion is a lifestyle decision to redefine your personal relationship with technology. Now that I have woken up from the slumber of pre-notion life, I cannot imagine my life without it. Notion has become the tool for putting my life at the center of my life.

Notion's Learning Curve

Notion as a Tool for Awakening

Notion has acted as the end-game realization to my endless pursuit of striving in the personal development and productivity rat race. Conquering this cutting-edge platform has allowed me to relax in the realization that I “beat the game” of personal development and productivity, so that I can confidently focus on areas of my life that matter. Finally arriving home to myself has revealed how much destructive social conditioning I had from media, technology, and western society that taught me to continuously strive for external power and development. In this sense, Notion has helped me attain a small enlightenment and shifted my decisions to a place of internal wisdom.  Essentially, notion helped me wake up from the matrix I was living in, so that I can live my life more intentionally. However, Notion is only a steppingstone on the journey to awakening. After taking my power back from digital conditioning, I can continue to make spiritual realizations in other aspects. Notion has catalyzed my transition from consuming content online to becoming spiritually aware. I hope that I can help others experience this profound transformation.

Leaving the Cycle of Content Consumption

Building a Second Brain

Notion has also upgraded my brain in the sense that is has given me another one. The popular phrase, 'Building a Second Brain' was coined by Tiago Forte. Meticulously designing lifestyle systems has also served as a process in designing how I think. Notion is like a superpower, because it allows you to thoroughly structure the back-end of your mental interface. For example, when I see a new topic, my mind now naturally imagines my notion system (aka my second brain) and how this piece of knowledge fits into the bigger picture of the system. Now I get experiences where my mind starts designing systems when I am not even at my computer! This drastically increases my mental power because of the ‘mind palace’ phenomenon. Our minds are scientifically proven to be skillful at remembering information in association to physical space. Notion provides this virtual-physical space, thereby allowing you to dive deep into any topic with confidence that it is saved and integrated! This is liberating.

Transforming your Thought Structure

Less is More

I have finally internalized the saying, “less is more.” After countless iterations in building the Self Innovation Operating System I always come back to simplicity. Building complicated systems has proven to be an advanced form of procrastination. For this reason, I designed the Self Innovation Operating System to entirely leverage notion’s power in the simplest system possible. After spending over $1000 on Notion templates and courses, I’ve discerned the important qualities of the system from the extra junk. My philosophy is that Notion should increase the quality of your life, instead of keeping you trapped on the computer. It should give you more time and power, instead of draining you.

Learn more about the Self Innovation Notion Operating system here.

Watch my Notion Youtube Video Here.

Big thanks to people like Marie Poulin, August Bradley, Conrad Lin, and Valentin Perez who inspired me to pursue Notion.

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