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Self Innovation OS is the most simple and powerful Notion Workspace System for turning your lifestyle vision into reality.Self Innovation OS helps you evolve from a consumer into a contributor by changing your lifestyle approach to systems thinking.

Roast my Notion Template

Want some feedback on your notion template? I will roast your Notion template in a live Loom recording for free. Just send a link to it in this form. Having an outsider perspective can help to eliminate biases and reach your goals faster.

Roast My Notion Template

Realize Digital Enlightenment

Notion is a way of life and a spiritual lifestyle choice. With any large commitment comes a host of anxieties and concerns. Self Innovation OS helps you cultivate inner peace and inspiration for your long-term notion journey and increased quality of life. You can read more about my journey building Self Innovation OS Here.

Personalized 1 on 1
Embodiment Coaching

Luke Geruson is the founder of Self Innovation and has spent 4 years mastering personal transformation and applying his expertise to Notion. Luke deeply cares for you highest interest and understands that you are unique. He will support, encourage, and empower you to go beyond your comfort zone, make a change, and start living the life of your dreams.

Luke Geruson
founder of Self Innovation

Three Notion Systems;
One Lifestyle Solution

Vision Template

A world-class personal vision template that helps you to discover your life purpose, develop your vision, and implement weekly, monthly, and yearly review systems that close the gap between you and your higher self. Develop your lifestyle systems with an OKR tracker. Bonus lifestyle templates included.

Knowledge Template

This ultimate knowledge-management solution will organize your digital life, deeply integrate your understanding of topics, and free up your time by allowing you to hierarchically select, capture, and prioritize information by its quality and source. You will never think about information the same way.

Action Template

The action template focuses on simplicity so that you can perform important high-leverage actions now. Quickly prioritize your Projects, outcomes, and commitments aligned with your vision. Develop your rapid action plans to execute on outcomes powerfully.

Why Self Innovation OS?
Here are the benefits:

Transform your Life
Maximize Creative Output
Upgrade Your Mind
Conquer Technology
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Self Innovation OS is for:

  • Digital Nomads & Innovators

  • Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

  • Creators & Influencers

  • Life-Hackers & personal development enthusiasts

  • Notioneers ready to invest in their future


  • 25min Coaching Call

  • 25min Coaching Call
  • Vision, Knowledge, & Action Notion Templates

    Video Tutorials
  • 4 x 60 min Coaching Calls
  • Vision, Knowledge, & Action Notion Templates

    Video Tutorials