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Real truth arises from a quiet state of mind and the intelligence reflected between relationships. Connect with other meditators on their healing journey

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Information without emotion is useless. We realized that passively consuming content does not create meaningful and embodied learning. The Self Innovation Community creates the space for leaders to step into their intention, and discover meaningful realizations that will last a lifetime, ultimately helping them to become more integrated individuals capable of dealing with life as a whole.

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

The Self Innovation community provides a non-judgmental space to explore and express vulnerabilities to heal repressed parts of one's being

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Jump into a Mastermind Call this Sunday and level up your energy. Interact on the community Forum and share your Self Innovation experiences.

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Luke Geruson


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After completing all Self Innovation Breakthrough Leadership Skills you are awarded with a certificate. You can display this certificate on your LinkedIn Profile, resume, and more. You are also awarded a profile on the official Self Innovation Website.