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Leadership Development

The Leadership Development workshop offers over a dozen high-quality tools to learn skills for unlocking your mind. The workshop is designed to help raise your state of consciousness to break through delusions and transform selfishness into service.

Meditation Coaching for

Therapy is too expensive, and every company deserves the right to health and wellness. Self Innovation offers meditation coaching for new and emerging companies. Get access to the best meditation practices and a handbook for awakening when you join.

Emotional Intelligence &
Mental Health Community

Transform your addiction into your mission. Self Innovation is a playground for cultivating emotional intelligence. We provide a non-judgmental space to express vulnerabilities and heal repressed aspects of the self.

Get the world-class
Notion Life Operating System:


A world-class life design template that helps you to discover your life purpose, develop your vision, and implement weekly, monthly, and yearly life systems that close the gap.


This knowledge-management solution will revolutionize your digital life by deeply integrating your learnings. It frees up your time through an information prioritization hierarchy.


The Earn template focuses on simplicity so that you can perform important high-leverage projects, outcomes, and commitments aligned with your vision.

Check out our 12 Workshop Tools:

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Luke Geruson
founder of Self Innovation
  • Online Community Forum
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Self Innovation Handbook
  • Best Meditation Practices
  • Live-Learn-Earn Operating System
  • 12 Interactive Skillshop Tools
  • Monthly leadership Development Workshops
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