Innovate your State of Being

Why Self Innovation?

Self Innovation a digital playground to get to woke and level up your skills. After witnessing the post-COVID-19 wasteland of Internet addiction and information overwhelm, I decided to wake up. My goal is to make personal development fun and help others raise their state of consciousness. I aim to bridge ancient wisdom (Self Realization) with modern tools (internet business & Notion) to inspire transformation from unconsciousness to virtue. We stand for Truth, Love, Authenticity, Clarity, and Play!

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Level up
Your Skills

The Self Innovation Skillshop offers high-quality tools for consciously shaping your mind. Earn a certificate when you complete all the skills

Join the live

Self Innovation hosts live Masterminds on Sundays. Sessions include a group meditation, weekly skill development, and Notion consulting .

Create your
Notion System

Learn or Master the most powerful modern productivity app. Create a Conscious life of Virtue with the Self Innovation OS Lifestyle system.