Innovate your State of Being

Why Self Innovation?

I built Self Innovation to be a digital playground for gamers to wake up and gain life skills. After witnessing the post-COVID-19 wasteland of Internet addiction and information overwhelm, I decided to wake up. My goal is to make personal development fun and help others raise their state of consciousness. We stand for Truth, Love, Authenticity, Clarity, and Play!

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Level up
Your Skills

The Self Innovation Skillshop offers high-quality tools for consciously shaping your mind. Earn a certificate when you complete all the skills

Join the live

Self Innovation holds live Group Masterminds calls on Sundays. Sessions include meditation, accountability, and celebration. The community also includes an interactive forum on a modern platform.

Create your
Life Operating System

Learn the most powerful life management app. Get the "Live-Learn-Earn" Operating system when you get Self Innovation Pro


The Self Innovation Cohort is a container for souls ready to wake up. What happens when you question everything?

Choose a Package:

  • Sunday Fundays Mastermind Calls
  • Online Community
  • 12 Skillshop Tools

  • Lifetime Access to Everything in Lite
  • 6-Week Self Innovation Cohort
  • Private Marco Polo Family
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching
  • Life Operating System